Persuasive representation

I handle personal injury and death claims. Some of the cases I have successfully handled include the following: a young man that had several vertebrae crushed when a defectively designed 2 ton dock plate collapsed on him; a woman whose husband died due to an overdose of coumadin caused by a pharmacist’s error when filling a prescription; a young hemophiliac who suffered a massive bleed and later blood transfusion complications due to accidentally being hit by a stone thrown by a neighborhood friend; a road worker that was severely burned by a defectively designed crack patcher. Other cases include numerous motorcycle accidents, car accidents and pedestrian injuries.
My practice is statewide. I have handled lawsuits in almost every county. Many of those have included farm accidents. One involved a farm employee that lost his arm in a corn picker. Another involved a young boy tragically killed when he was run over by a tractor. Many cases have involved dog bites that have resulted in gruesome injuries.
I charge a contingent fee on all injury and death claims. This means you pay no fee unless I collect something for you. Most law firms charge a 33% contingent fee. Some charge as much as 40%. I charge a 28% contingent fee. This puts more money in your pocket. More importantly, you know your claim was handled properly and the best result was achieved. Accidents and injuries are not fun. You need a lawyer who can understand what you are going through. I like to think I can provide that for you.
The most important part of an injury claim is presenting an organized, persuasive claim evaluation to the insurance company. I work with you and your doctors to make sure that we present the best claim possible. My goal is to settle every claim to your satisfaction, but if that is not possible, then we need to be prepared and organized for a trial. You can help in many ways. Preserving evidence is the most important thing. Pictures of damaged vehicles and injuries can be extremely important. I like to take the pictures, but if I can’t, you should. Also, I suggest you not submit to a written or recorded statement by an insurance adjuster unless you have an attorney present. Some claims, such as uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist claims, have special considerations. I can make sure the claim is properly handled.

In addition to representing injured parties, I have represented insurance companies and their insured’s throughout my career. I represent State Auto Insurance Company and ICM Insurance Company throughout the State. I believe my experience in handling claims for injured parties and insurance companies gives me a unique perspective. Whether you are an injured person or an insurance company, you want an experienced lawyer who can properly identify, evaluate, and resolve the issues.