Dedicated Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether a person is a victim of an accident due to the negligence of someone else or has been accused of a criminal offense, every citizen has rights. In order to protect those rights, you need a skilled lawyer to represent you to ensure that you are treated fairly. We are dedicated to protecting your rights if you have been accused of a criminal act. Our law firm will work to resolve your case and will aggressively represent you if a trial is necessary.

Choose a  Criminal Lawyer with a Solid Reputation

Our firm has been practicing law in both civil and criminal cases for over 18 years and serve our clients skillfully and professionally. When it comes to criminal law, you need a criminal defense attorney who has a good reputation among prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement. We are a leader in the community and have built a solid reputation as a respected and honest criminal attorney.We will work to build a solid defense on your behalf and try to get your case resolved before it goes to trial. If it is necessary that your case does go to trial, our law office is prepared to effectively represent you in court.

Assisting You in All Areas of Criminal Defense

There are a variety of criminal offenses, and each area of criminal law is unique. You need a lawyer who is experienced and knowledgeable in the criminal charge you have been accused of. We are experienced in handling all kinds of criminal defense cases. Our law office can help if you have been accused of any of the following crimes:

  • Drug charges
  • Domestic violence
  • Felony
  • Misdemeanor

Contact Us as Soon as Possible
Criminal convictions have serious consequences, including large fines and jail time. If you are facing criminal charges, it’s important that you contact our law office right away. The sooner you contact us, the more time we will have to try and get your case resolved outside of legal court proceedings. We can advise you on how to proceed and answer any questions that you may have.