Compassionate Service

I handle divorces. A divorce may be the most emotional event in your life. For many people it is the most important financial event in their life. Competent, compassionate advice and representation is what you need. A lawyer should try to make the process less painful (some lawyers just aggravate an already bad situation). I have handled divorces involving doctors, dentists, lawyers and many other professionals. I have had cases involving million dollar businesses and others involving limited assets. Unfortunately some cases cannot be resolved by agreement. As a result, I have also handled many trials involving all issues.
I charge $150.00 per hour for divorce work. I require a down payment of $1500.00 for a “typical” divorce. If it appears that custody or placement will be a disputed issue, I require a down payment of $2500.00. You can help keep your attorney fees down by assembling all the documentation for all your assets and debts. When we first get together, it is helpful if you have copies of your recent pay stubs and a preliminary monthly budget.