Exploding Tires – Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

Did you know that tire defects affect more than just drivers? Professional or at-home mechanics can be endangered by an exploding tire bead, in which a tire fails during the mounting process, creating danger for anyone in the path of the exploding tire. Read on for more information on the dangers of tire bead explosions:Personal Injury Law

Usually, tire bead explosions take place while a tire is being mounted to the wheel. They are caused by a design flaw in which the tire’s bead fails under even low pressure. The inflating tire can impede the bead wire and cause an explosion of the tire bead. The real hazard occurs due to the explosion of the tire and rim, creating shrapnel and high-impact injuries to the head, arms, or face.

The consequences of tire bead explosions can be serious. Someone in the direct trajectory of an exploding tire can face broken bones, limb amputations, facial deformities, and even traumatic brain injury. These conditions can all take years to heal, and often rack up expensive medical bills and cause the victim to miss work.

“Usually, tire bead explosions take place while a tire is being mounted to the wheel.”

Just like in defective tire rollover accidents, victims do have legal rights. They can file a defective tire lawsuit against the manufacturer and demand that they be compensated for the pain and suffering, medical bills, missed work, and other complications associated with their injuries. However, it is not suggested that this be undertaken without the support of an experienced and reputable personal injury attorney.

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