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Workers’ Compensation

At our Law Firm, we work tirelessly on behalf of injured workers who need experienced legal help to secure the full workers’ compensation benefits to which they are entitled, including medical care, disability pay, physical therapy, and vocational rehabilitation.personal injury lawyers - workers comp

From the initial filing to appeal of denied workers’ compensation claims, our experienced attorneys offer sound legal advice and experienced representation at every stage of the process. If you were badly hurt at work and you need high-quality legal help at no up-front cost to you, please contact us today. More here @

Experienced Representation in Workers’ Compensation Claims

For over 25 years, the accomplished attorneys of our Law Firm have stood up to employers and insurance companies who try to shortchange workers who have suffered a serious injury in an on-the-job accident, such as:

A car accident while performing work duties
Head injury or brain injury caused by falling merchandise or equipment
Broken bones and damaged joints
Back and neck injury
An electrical accident resulting in burns, neurological injury, or fatal electrocution
Industrial accident or explosion

We also represent families seeking survivor’s benefits under the workers’ compensation law. Our firm is dedicated to fighting denied claims and we have a proven record of success in representing injured workers in review and appeal of large claims for lifetime benefits arising out of permanent injuries and disability.workers compensation law

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